From the Archive — In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale and Jumper

As is usually the case with Bad Movie Night posts, I had a lot of fun writing this — it originally appeared at my former online home — but, being honest, the only true necessity on this page is the hyperlink found within the sentence “No amount of typing can describe it adequately.” Last night we found ourselves we a quick-witted guest, a hearty supply of good beer and a few spare hours. In our household, that’s an irresistible invitation to wallow in some choice cinematic ineptitude. After steeling ourselves with a dinner of lamb steaks, Guinness-battered onion rings, and … Continue reading From the Archive — In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale and Jumper

Bad Movie Night — The Box/Surrogates

At some point, I’m sure it will happen. We’ll assemble one of our Bad Movie Night double features with a film that doesn’t really deserve such a condemnation. It’ll be one of those proudly lurid thrillers that are appealing in their embrace of their own raunchy ridiculousness, or maybe an action movie that laces in political satire in a deceptively clever manner. I’ll feel guilty for prejudging the film, and maybe even a little bitter about not sitting down to watch it the right way, giving it my proper attention. When we staged these sorts of nights for a devoted … Continue reading Bad Movie Night — The Box/Surrogates

Bad Movie Night — 2012/Knowing

My recent absence from our humble home for about a week necessitated a certain amount of ceremony in my last weekend, a weekend also notable for an uncommon lack of work. There were several enticing options, but few with as storied and revered a history within our household as that mildly masochistic endurance test that is given the simple moniker “Bad Movie Night.” Beyond the normal enticements linked to such an evening, there was the very recent DVD release of a film that practically cried out for inclusion in a revelry in rottenness, a film so patently ludicrous on the … Continue reading Bad Movie Night — 2012/Knowing