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Director Kelly Reichardt specializes in a quiet attention to the small. In general that serves her well, making her films stand out with their unhurried emotional arcs. Whether tracking the sad plight of homeless woman traveling with her dog or a batch of weary, nineteenth century pioneers, Reichardt’s steadfast refusal to whirlwind up contrived drama invites attention to the more intimate facets of her stories, those that nestle in close to the bones of the characters. In their sharpest moment, Reichardt’s films unearth truths that most fiction storytelling rushes recklessly over. Admittedly, that can make the resulting works feel slight, … Continue reading Now Playing: Certain Women

Kosinski, McQueen, Melville, Reichardt, Young

Tron: Legacy (Joseph Kosinski, 2010). “You’re messing with my Zen thing, man!” Is there another actor working today besides Jeff Bridges who could deliver a line like that and make it sound plausible? In the never-ending quest to mine every cinematic artifact from the past three to four decades and turn it into a sparkling new franchise, Disney delivers the sequel, almost three decades in the making, that almost no one waited anxiously to see. What’s more, someone apparently decided that the best way to honor the zippy innocence of the original digital groundbreaker was to heap a whole bunch … Continue reading Kosinski, McQueen, Melville, Reichardt, Young