Top Fifty Films of the 80s — Number Forty-Three

#43 — The Right Stuff (Philip Kaufman, 1983) In 1957, The Soviet Union launched the satellite dubbed Sputnik into orbit around the Earth, setting of a practically unprecedented surge in scientific endeavor within the boundaries of the United States. The country has always done its best when there was a clear, distinct “them” to help define “us” and to allow all goals to be measured in the stark tally of winning and losing. The space race was on, tapping into the best and worst, most graceful and clumsiest of the vaunted American spirit. The country was made up of explorer … Continue reading Top Fifty Films of the 80s — Number Forty-Three

Allen, Cuaron, Jarmusch, Kazan, Kaufman

Stranger Than Paradise (Jim Jarmusch, 1984). A New Yorker’s Hungarian cousin comes to visit, staying with him for an extended period, despite his initial protests. He grows to like her, eventually recruiting his buddy to join him in paying her a visit when she later moves to Cleveland. That trip evolves and the three of them wind up traveling to Florida together. And that’s about it. Jarmusch’s signature aesthetic was forged here as he often seems to be trying to see how little action he can put into any given sequence. Sometimes that can be wearying, but here it works … Continue reading Allen, Cuaron, Jarmusch, Kazan, Kaufman