Greatish Performances #23

#23 — Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Johnson in Creed (Ryan Coogler, 2015) I don’t begrudge Sylvester Stallone the victory lap he got to take for his seventh performance as the hangdog Philadelphia boxer Rocky Balboa. While he’s perpetrated a great many heinous acts on moviegoers (he didn’t just star in Rhinestone, Cobra, Over the Top, and Cliffhanger; he also helped write them!), there’s something appealing, even charming, about his unlikely perseverance in the business. There might have been a little more sourness had the Academy Award nomination he received actually turned into a win, but, as was the case … Continue reading Greatish Performances #23

And he carries the reminders of ev’ry glove that laid him down

As is regularly proven anew to me by my weekly rummaging through old papers to find old reviews that are theoretically worth sharing, I have carved out a privileged place for a person who still feels a compulsion to write about new movies. I was once required to see every atrocious piece of celluloid-wasting Hollywood byproduct that came to our little town. Now, I reserve my time in theaters for material that promises to be interesting in way or another. This doesn’t totally protect me from less compelling fare, especially during Oscar season when an obligation can arise to see … Continue reading And he carries the reminders of ev’ry glove that laid him down