College Countdown: 90FM’s Top 90 of 1989, 72 and 71


72. Uncle Green, You

Georgia was a pretty good place for a band to hang their guitar straps in 1989. The little ol’ band from Athens known as R.E.M. cast a mighty shadow over the world of college radio, and any band that could evoke them was bound to earn some extra attention from youthful programmers. Geographic proximity helped to make an initial impressions, but a band also needed to have the chops to keep getting airplay. Atlanta’s Uncle Green demonstrated they knew their way around a pop song on their third album, and first for DB Records. You is filled with great songs that have a taste of familiar southern jangle, but also stand as their own sharply crafted entities. It’s probably even good enough to make people overlook that, while Atlanta is their current hometown, the band actually started in New Jersey. .


71. Traveling Wilburys, Volume 1

No matter what you’ve read in articles in various music magazines about the Traveling Wilburys being a modern day supergroup consisting of some of the most legendary figures in rock ‘n’ roll history, the liner notes to the debut release, fittingly entitled Volume 1, tell a decidedly different story. The Wilburys started out as stationary people who discovered the pleasure of short walks. The rhythm of those little jaunts eventually developed into a musical culture with songs that were believed to “stave off madness, turn brunettes into blondes and increase the size of their ears.” It is to the great benefit of modern record buyers that the remaining members of the clan–Nelson Wilbury, Otis Wilbury, Lefty Wilbury, Charlie T. Wilbury, Jr., and Lucky Wilbury–managed to pull together a batch of sterling songs for our pleasure and amusement. As they say, let thy Wilbury done.

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