One for Friday: Possum Dixon, “Watch the Girl Destroy Me”

Listen, we’ve all been there, reeling from some disastrous relationship. And for most college radio DJs, there are probably some wounds that are fairly fresh. So I always had a strange admiration for those bands that could tap into those feelings, not just because I could often relate to those songs, but because, on some level, I recognized that it was a great way for those artists to earn some airplay that may have otherwise eluded them. I’m not saying it’s all cold calculation. Many of the bands we played at the station were populated by individuals whose ages were in close proximity to those of us fitting in on-air shifts around core classes and electives, so it’s not crazy to think that they were preoccupied with the same heart-wounded matters, and would, in turn, chose to write songs about it. Still, a record has a distinct advantage when a sullen, spurned DJ shows up for their shift and spies a song entitled “Watch the Girl Destroy Me” on it.

I’ll also concede that I may have related to it a little bit more strongly because the lyrics provide foundation for a relationship as “I like the movies and she likes the movies/We like the movies together.”

It’s part of that great phenomenon of college radio that is now lost completely in commercial radio: the sense that every on-air shift is an expression of the personality, passions and even moment-to-moment mood of the DJ presiding over it. When one of our late night DJs came in feeling angry at the world, the sound of their shift shifted as they pulled together the art of others to make their own prolonged musical statement. There were DJs who were good all the time, but there were a few who were amazing when they practically turned their show into a concept album. On that front, Possum Dixon’s college radio hit can make a pretty good track one.

Possum Dixon, “Watch the Girl Destroy Me”

(Disclaimer: Admittedly with less digging than usual, I believe I’ve determined that Possum Dixon’s self-titled effort is out of print on CD, though it is available for digital purchase. Certainly anyone who enjoys this song should about purchasing the whole album or even selected songs with the hope, however unlikely, that proper compensation will trickle down to the artist through the added buffers than labels and online proprietors have created. Despite my cynicism, I will gladly delete the posted song from this corner of the Interweb should I be contacted by anyone with due authority to request, suggest or demand its removal.)

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