A Week of Fridays: An Introduction

Tomorrow I leave for a week. I’m not going far, but, as a matter of choice, I’m not going to have access to the Wild West shootout that is The Interweb. I was in a similar situation right around this time last year, and I chose to let this site go dark for a week. After some consideration, I decided on a different approach this time around. For one thing, I don’t want to disrupt the marathon countdown that I’m right in the middle of. But I also wanted to use my absence as impetus to do something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time: turning this space over to some of my talented friends who, quite frankly, can draw upon reservoirs of knowledge that I’ll never be able to match. Selfishly, I want to read what they come up with when given the assignment of filling the space of one of my recurring features.

After mulling several different options, I decided the one that made the most sense was asking several people to write up a contribution for “One for Friday”, my weekly fulfillment of kindergarten lessons in sharing. Since I tend to write about the music that I first discovered while attending college, I naturally gravitated to those individuals I’ve known for about as long as I’ve had an FCC Operator’s License. (Clearly, the license behind that hyperlink doesn’t belong to me, but I hope the person who does have it doesn’t mind me using it.) Many of them logged many hours (and one of them continues to do so) in the station that was my home for many years.

So while we’ll stick with out usual Saturday and Sunday programming around here, the weekdays will be filled by posts in the beloved “One for Friday” style. I’m happy to note that they’ve selected material that never would have occurred to me and written wonderfully entertaining pieces to accompany the songs. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from these friends, and the lessons continued through this process. I clearly need to cede this digital outpost to visitors more often.

The guest star fun starts Monday.

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