Spectrum Check

This week, I managed to get back into the Spectrum Culture fray. First I turned my attention to a big ol’ slab of music, reviewing the new record from the band Faust, which was largely challenging because I needed to find a way to convey the complicated history of the group without bogging down the review. I also took it as on opportunity to make up a phony German word, which is always fun. I like it when I manage to create entirely distinctive Google searches.

I also reviewed the new film Peep World, which is the sort of strained dark farce wannabe that can sometimes fool the weary citizenry of a film festival’s ecosystem, but looks tragically misconceived in the harsh light of normal moviegoing. Maybe Super will change my mind, but it increasingly seems that Rainn Wilson is unlikely to prosper away from the small screen. I was already pretty sure about that in the respective cases of Sarah Silverman and Michael C. Hall. (I’m certainly willing to have my mind changed on all accounts.)

Finally, I pitched in on our List Inconsequential about funny movies. How could I not pick the movie that’s got this going on?

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