Spectrum Check

There was a time when Uma Thurman was an actress that demanded attention. If she was in a film, it merited at least some amount of consideration. Maybe the finished project was actually not very good (or even downright awful) but she alone made it something that at least went into the “maybe” pile when sorting out film-going options. Sadly, I’ve noticed lately that, as I spin the digital dial considering movies to add to our overstuffed DVR, the opposite is now true. Uma’s inclusion in the cast list–especially at the top of it–is a signal to stay away. I must report that the new film Ceremony does not alter that impression.

On the positive side, I also got to write about the welcome return to recording by The Feelies. I’ll confess that this piece needed a little polishing after I submitted it, but I’ll accept that as a victory considering I wrote it quickly while huddled in a northern cabin in the hours immediately preceding the beginning of The World’s Largest Trivia ContestTM. I was, to put it gently, a little distracted.

The personal effort I’m most pleased with this week is my latest contribution to the ongoing “Oeuvre” series, tracking through the films of François Truffaut. I wrote about The Bride Wore Black (thanks to a crucial assist from my friend and teammate Andy and his Interweb wizardry). Writing about Truffaut is intimidating, so I consider myself lucky that I figured out the angle I wanted to take fairly quickly and easily.

And then there was this week’s List Inconsequential, in which I proved once again that I will never turn down an opportunity to write about the Muppets.

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