Spectrum Check

This week I took my first crack at the Revisit feature over on the music side of things, which proved to be far more difficult for me. I initially thought I’d write about R.E.M.’s Out of Time this year stands as the twentieth anniversary of its release and, despite being a major success, it seems to be one of the forgotten albums by the band. I thought it would be interesting to give it a fresh listen, separated from the saturation play it experienced at my college radio station upon release. I may still try writing that piece at some point, but I wanted something a little more current. So I opted instead for Thickfreakness by the Black Keys. This occasional assignment is probably going to remain the most perplexing, challenging one I get at the site.

Movie reviews! Now that’s something I can do (or at least think I can do). I reviewed a new documentary about Jack Cardiff which was a little thin on probing detail. Realistically, though, any documentary about that does a good job selecting clips of his magnificent work on films such as The Red Shoe and Black Narcissus is going to be a film worth watching. The fact that Cardiff himself makes such a warm, genial presence is a happy bonus. The movie poster for the film prominently features a photograph Cardiff took of Audrey Hepburn. Striking as it is, the most amazing snap he pulls from his stash may be the single most gorgeous image of Marilyn Monroe I’ve ever seen.

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