Spectrum Check

This week, I contributed to our List Inconsequential feature on badass album covers by writing about the Sonic Youth album that includes their fierce collaboration with Chuck D and, even better, helped make possible their eventual, inadvertent and unbelievably cool collaboration with Christina Aguilera.

I also wrote about the latest album from the Felice Brothers, one of way too many bands with the word “Brothers” in their name that emerged at roughly the same time. The new record was pretty good, though, even if it made me think anew about (and do fresh research on) the Creepiest Place on EarthTM.

I mustered up the courage to write about a film from one of the acknowledged masters of cinema. Writing about films with well-established places in the canon is always intimidating. This particular review has also been a long time coming, getting delayed multiple times over for multiple reasons. I think my first due date on it was sometime in March.

Finally, I wrote about a new documentary about the controversial Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn, which has rightly come under scrutiny for the way the wealthy privileged have seemingly circumvented all reasonable public procedure and tapped into governmental resources for development that will theoretically reap massive private profits. The review was spotted by the filmmakers, who offered a mild retort (softened by a friendly emoticon, naturally) to the pull quote used on Twitter to link to the piece. I remain so used to tapping out and distributing my opinions in relative isolation that it’s still a little disorientating when a dialogue emerges with the actual creators of the pieces in question.

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