Spectrum Check

So I’ve been a pretty bad kid. I’ve just been sitting on a couple music reviews, which are now both overdue. It’s not just neglect–I have had a strangely busy week–but I’m still is desperate need of some concerted time with the releases in question. Between that and some difficulty is securing a specific screener copy of a movie, I had another fairly light week at Spectrum Culture. At least I feel good about my lone contribution.

In general, I really like writing for our Oeuvre feature, and I had my third contribution to our ongoing survey of the films of Samuel Fuller. I wrote on China Gate, which, honestly, wasn’t very good. In its own way, that’s an especially interesting challenge, and I like the piece I pulled together. I’ve got a couple more efforts to which I’m obligated before we’re done with Fuller, and the next one promises to be a real doozy.

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