Mighty Marvel Checklist HyperboleCheck: Thor #192

Back in the pop art era when mighty Marvel mags manifested as the proudly powerful pinnacle of the scintillation sequential literature settled onto spinner racks across the nation, the sterling storytellers passionate proclivity for yahoo-inducing yarns was only matched by their ability to bash out a bounty of Barnumesque boasts. Every elegant entry on the monthly Mighty Marvel Checklist promised pound upon pound of shimmering shocks. For example, prospective periodical-purchasers were told about Thor ##192 in the following fulsome manner: “This is the day of the Demolisher! The hour of Thor’s mightiest ordeal! All this — and the most surprising guest star of all!” A mighty ordeal and the great guest so unexpected that a superlative of certainty can be used? Could it be? With a story by Stan Lee and “Illustration By” John Buscema, the odds are good. Only one way to find out, True Believer!

Firstly, considering the daunting Demolisher who is sent to Earth by the loathsome Loki in order to keep Thor, his harassed half-brother, occupied in his adopted occupation as the planet’s protector. The petulant powerhouse is let loose in Louisiana, on the thoroughfares of New Orleans during Mardi Gras, as a matter of fact.

As someone who’s spent cherished time in the Crescent City, I can assure you that every last bubbly bystander in those panels is perfectly plastered. In that state, flopping him onto a float is lead-lock logic.

The thrilling thunder god arrives and begins battling the behemoth, hurling his hammer only to discover the depth of the Demolisher’s durability.

Just look the wavy lines around the “TOOM” in “BU-TOOM.” Only a stunning strike could summon such a shudder! And yet the rapscallion rapidly rises? It surely seems the onset of an ornery ordeal for Odin’s offspring. That impression is indeed accurate as Thor and the Demolisher duke it out in a multi-national battle, Loki using his talent for transporting titans to send his hired he-man across the globe with Thor in pursuit. That may not be the true ideal cited in the checklist, however. Turns out, Loki has an rougher revelation involving Thor’s lady-love.

That fraught face can reasonably be extrapolated as an expression a soul suffering his mightiest ordeal. So far, the soaring summary in the checklist checks out. That leaves only “the most surprising guest star of all,” a vibrant visitor left to the last panel.

The sparkling soarer of the spaceways, the sensational Silver Surfer! Considering the 1971 publication of this super saga came after Thor and the Silver Surfer careened through a classic clash in the cosmic cruiser’s own title, it’s probably not that shocking that the architects of the House of Ideas would orchestrate a reunion. Exciting? Sure. Surprising? Maybe a minor mislead, Marvel.

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