Spectrum Check

I was all over the place at Spectrum Culture this week. First of all, I had a piece in the music section, reviewing something that was definitely outside of my usual range. The super-secret DVD backstory of this review is that I wrote it while flat in my back while suffering with an ailment that really needs not be elaborated upon. You should appreciate my discretion, believe me.

I also reviewed the new film from director Ti West, which I actually made a point of requesting months in advance. For one thing, I have a marital obligation to get horror films whenever possible. But I also absolutely loved West’s The House of the Devil, which I consider an incredible feat of directing.

There was also a rare appearance in the book section, which I’ve got to stop volunteering for. I simply don’t get through the material quickly enough and there’s invariably a stack of other books tugging at my sleeve that I give attention to in advance of the thing I’ve got to write on. The book in question was okay, but was definitely not well-suited for a science dunce such as myself, even if I think it’s intended to coax my fellow know-nothings through the chemical intricacies it discusses.

Finally, I offered a few words to our weekly List Inconsequential feature. I might have bypassed it if I hadn’t realized that Vincent Gallo’s Buffalo ’66 qualified for the topic.

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