Spectrum Check

In part due to a little mistake I made the prior week, I had two different film reviews go up at Spectrum Culture this past week. First was a film I should have reviewed earlier, but release schedules apparently baffle me at times. It was a French drama starring Audrey Tautou which proved to be not especially good. Tautou has been fairly choosy since her breakthrough in Amélie, at least by the standards of the European film industries which tend to push stars to churn out movie and movie. That’s a sound choice on her part, but it can make the misfires all the more disappointing.

After that, I reviewed the significantly better Sound of Noise. I’m not sure I adequately convey the intense level of thrill that comes from the creativity of the opening passages of the film. There’s also a great assurance in the construction of the piece, especially important as the directors take please in playing with expectations. I’d love to see these filmmakers given a American studio budget to make their own version of an Ocean’s Eleven styled caper film.

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