Spectrum Check

I didn’t have that many writing assignments for Spectrum Culture this week, so of course I needed to make certain my one piece was exceedingly long, maybe the longest I’ve ever written for the site. To be fair, the “Re-make/Re-model” series invites length given that at least two films need to be broken down. In writing about Jonathan Demme’s remake of a Stanley Donen classic, I also had the opportunity to reference an old Onion article for which I have a special fondness.

I also offered up a far briefer contribution to this week’s List Inconsequential list about great live albums. While I’ll occasionally note that the only live albums anyone needs to pay attention to involve the Who at Leeds, James Brown at the Apollo or Johnny Cash at the American prison of your choice, I actually selected a different release, which should come as no surprise to those who know me well.

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