Spectrum Check

I had a busy week at Spectrum Culture, and one that was significantly more time-consuming than I initially anticipated. As I’ve noted before, we writers largely select exactly which films, CDs and books we want to review. When I picked out the new documentary from Goncalo Tocha, I swear I read that it was ninety minutes long. Then the screener showed up, spread across two DVDs. So on a weekend that I was already somewhat pressed for time, I suddenly had a three-hour film to watch (after I’d already committed to watching a very different one in the theater that was also about that long). The film was good, but man alive, that kind of running time requires a really compelling reason, and it didn’t have that.

The other film I reviewed required less time, but was also more disappointing. I like French actor Daniel Auteuil quite a bit, so I was hopeful about his directorial debut, despite some foggy memories of a lukewarm reception when it first made its debut in Europe about a year ago. The minor drudgery of watching the film can perhaps be summed up by the fact that the other human in our household was able to correctly predict key plot points even though she was only glancing at the screen occasionally when she crossed through the room. She even figured out the title at one point, despite no foreknowledge of it.

Finally, I reviewed the debut from Icky Blossoms, a band featuring a former member of Omaha indie stalwarts Tilly and the Wall. I liked it well enough, but I also suspect it could be one of those albums that grows on me as individual tracks shuffle up on the iPod through the remainder of the year. The catchy stuff will do that.

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