Spectrum Check

Since I’ve been traveling the past week, I didn’t contribute much to Spectrum Culture, so I’ll actually reach back a couple weeks to note my contributions to pair of features that I had a hand in creating in the first place.

There is an occasional “Playlist” feature at the site, which finds the staff combing through the entire discography of an artist to come to some level of consensus about the best track from each release. For the most recent edition, my suggestion as to who to cover won the day and we examined the collected work of The Cure. As might be expected, I’m very fond of all three songs I wrote on, and generally think the selections album to album are very good. The only one I strongly disagree with is the song singled out from Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me. It’s a fine track, but I think the actual best song on the album is clear.

It was also at my suggestion that we developed a year-by-year survey of the best comedic performances in film. We’ll go through individual decades in the coming weeks, starting with the nineteen-thirties, which seemed especially fitting given it was the era that gave birth to the wonders of the screwball comedy. Again, I’m please with the performances I was assigned, but then I’m always happy to write about Groucho in Duck Soup.

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