Spectrum Check

We are in the middle stages of prepping for end of the year material at Spectrum Culture, which means I worked on a lot of material for the site this week, but little of it has yet yielded words that made it to digital print. There’s a ton of writing on the way, though, which also means I’ve got to devote some time today to listening to 2012 album releases to concoct my personal Top 20 list for the year. With that in mind, I’ll keep the recap somewhat brief.

On the film side, I reviewed a newish documentary about Stephen Fry tracing the history and influence of the composer Richard Wagner while also considering the repugnant, anti-Semitic history of the man, particularly as it greased the flue towards his great music to later be proudly adopted by the Nazis. I actually had high hopes for the documentary, knowing from a fairly unique appearance on Craig Ferguson’s program that Fry is an exceptionally witty, charming and insightful conversationalist. Unfortunately, I also know from various BBC programs that Fry can also be an overly sedate and proper host. Sadly, that’s the version that shows up in the documentary.

On the other hand, the album I reviewed this week was exactly what I hoped it would be. Juno MacGuff might say it’s just noise, but it sounds pretty great to me.

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