Spectrum Check

And so we come to the end of another calendar year of reviews for Spectrum Culture. The site is already in the process of downshifting ahead of the holidays, so there was a little less new content going up this week. I still took my turn in the film review rotation, however, with an evaluation of a new drama that got wobbly wheels but is finally made steady by a couple of very fine performances.

Most of my words this week were expended on our various “end of the year” lists. For the Favorite Books feature, I wrote about Richard Ford’s Canada, although I also considered expounding on the continuing astonishment that is Robert Caro’s Lyndon Johnson biography. Matthew McConaughey’s turn as Dallas in Magic Mike was my pick for the Best Performances list, in part because I thought it would be immensely fun to write about. It was. For Best Films, I opted for Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, being sure to plant my flag on that one early since I figured it might be in high demand among our staff. On our Top 25 Songs list, I was assigned the track that landed at #10 and I got the task of writing on the entries at #6 and #5 on the Top 20 Albums tally. In keeping with a fairly new tradition, I’ll have more on my picks for the best music on the year popping up in this space sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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