Spectrum Check

I had a busy week over at Spectrum Culture. I usually lead off this recap with the pieces I wrote for the film section, but given yesterday’s One for Friday post in this space spring directly from the new music review I wrote, it seems more appropriate to begin there. I often pick up releases from the bands that endure from my college radio days since I figure I have a little more authority in writing about them. That rarely results in getting the chance to celebrate a genuinely great records, but that’s exactly the pleasure I had with the new Yo La Tengo effort.

I also wrote a piece for our regular Revisit series, which focuses on older albums that, as the regular intro reads, “deserve a second look.” It’s always a struggle for me to not just reach all the way back to a favored relic of those previously mentioned college radio days. Of course, in writing about the debut full-length from the Kills, I’m looking to a different time in college radio, but I’m a little more confident that I’m bringing more than nostalgia to the analysis.

On the film side, I wrote about the new indie comedy written by and starring Chris Colfer. It’s directed by the same person who made the promising high school flick Saved!, so there was some reason to hope it would be better than a vanity project. It’s not.

There were a couple of lists to which I contributed lists, including our ongoing year-by-year survey of great comedic performances in film. We’re up to the nineteen-eighties, giving me my first chance in this series to expound on films I first saw in the theater. In fact both of the films I wrote on I saw at the old, dumpy budget house theater in Stoughton, Wisconsin. And I pitched in on our latest List Inconsequential, which compiled great indie rock songs well-suited for a mix tape for kids. Because I’ll take any opportunity, it seems, to write about R.E.M.

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