One for Friday: The Weeds, “Better Now”

If the tag tally on my dashboard is correct, this is the 201st edition of One for Friday. I was properly trained by my time as a fervent comic book collector to find great significance in recurring publications hitting the big round numbers, but last week’s 200th go-round with the feature is less momentous than this week’s comparatively clumsy number. The reason is simple: with this point, One for Friday officially outlives the weekly Friday distraction it originally spun off from.

Back when all my digital words were dispensed exclusively via a different platform, I spent the end of every work week with something called Five for Friday. Swiped blatantly from Tom Spurgeon’s The Comics Reporter website, the feature involved posting a broad topic related to music and listing five things–songs, albums, performers–that fit the topic. Then I’d kindly invite others to “play along,” posting their own versions of the same list. It occasionally generated a sizable number of responses, especially in those instances when I effectively turned the tables. It was good fun, and I learned a lot from the responses in the comments, often bolstering my own collection by seeking out the music championed there. Given the dialogue component of Five for Friday, it seemed inappropriate to duplicate it here when I started cross-posting in this space (eventually migrating to this far tidier corner of the interweb altogether). I still wanted to be sure there was something new in this space every day. Hence, One for Friday was born.

I retired Five for Friday when I hit the 200th edition, finishing with a mammoth post. It had simply run its course, 200 spins with highly personal quintets feeling like quite enough. Among other reasons, I was simply having more fun writing more in depth about one song per week, and then sharing that song with whoever was interested in clicking on a link. Indeed, with the same number of One for Fridays under my proverbial belt, I still feel like I have plenty to say and many more songs rattling around my iTunes that deserve to be shared.

For this 201st edition, then, why not look back to the very first One for Friday, posted over four years ago. Celebrating the bygone Madison, Wisconsin band The Weeds, it remains the most viewed One for Friday (another Madison band is the focus of the post that is a close second in that particular race), and even generated appreciative comments from two of the band members. One of these days, I’m going to get something from the band’s excellent Windchill LP up in the space, but for now, it’s another track from their equally fine sophomore effort, King Crow. I’m not sure if I’ve got another 200 One for Friday posts in me (or in my music collection), but let’s see how far we get. No matter how long the remainder of the One for Friday road, this is a good start to the next leg of the journey.

Listen or download –> The Weeds, “Better Now”

(Disclaimer: As I wrote four years ago, “This song is posted not to take money out of hard-working musicians pockets. My online hunting has turned up nary a mention of The Weeds or King Crow across the Web that spans worldwide. Certainly, I can find no way to exchange American or foreign currency to procure the recording. I believe it is long out of print and entirely unavailable. You’d probably need to go to a used CD store in Madison to even have a hope of finding it, and the band wouldn’t get anything from that purchase anyway, except the warm satisfaction that someone is enjoying their music again….If any of the fine gentlemen from The Weeds finds this post and asks me to remove the song, I will gladly do so.” They did find that original post and seemed fine with the sharing. I certainly hope that’s still the case. Also, you should think about liking them on Facebook.)

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