Spectrum Check

I had a very busy week at Spectrum Culture, in part because some screenings got goofed up, necessitating schedule shuffling. Specifically, Rubberneck, directed by Alex Karpovsky of Girls, ran on the day the film was released, a bit of a rarity for me. On the flip side of that, I also had a review of new Korean action film go up, after I had been turned down on two or three other titles for the release week in question.

I also had a very big review go up on the music side, with an assessment of the new release from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It’s a fairly middling review, but I almost think I was still too kind about it, a suspicion that gets a boost every time an older Cave tune shuffles up on my iPod, which has been happening with surprising frequency lately (perhaps the device is trying to help in my preparations for seeing him live next month).

Finally, I pitched in on the latest edition of the Monthly Mixtape feature, reminding me that I need to be sure I’m staying on top of a variety of new releases and not just the material I’m charged with reviewing. Luckily, after spending a weekend afternoon binging on new stuff, I found my way to the very fine new Frightened Rabbit record.

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