Spectrum Check

It’s been a couple weeks since I provided an update on my doings at Spectrum Culture, which would usually mean a pile-up of links to share. For a variety of reasons, that’s not the case. Instead, I have only the most modest collection of writing to pass along.

In fact, the only thing I wrote two weeks ago was a blurb on Congo, for our ongoing year-by-year survey of the worst summer blockbusters. Even then, I was devoted a fair number of words to simply quoting the film’s ridiculous dialogue (and a special hat tip here to my good friend Phil for recently reminding me about the “crystal lasers” line).

The one new thing I reviewed was Violet & Daisy, a self-consciously quirky movie about pretty, young, female assassins that marks the directorial debut of the screenwriter who won an Oscar for Precious. It’s about as bad as that description likely makes it sound.

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