Spectrum Check

In a rare occurrence, I didn’t have anything new go up at Spectrum Culture this week. But I am charged with figuring out which 2013 album release I think is worth inclusion on our list of the best of the year so far. By far the strongest album I’ve reviewed for the site–and still probably my choice for the year’s top release–is Yo La Tengo’s Fade. I’d like to see it included (and it had a low enough profile that I’m afraid it will be forgotten if I don’t tackle it), but I’m always reluctant to write on something that I’ve already typed out a couple cents on. That concern would also exclude the excellent new Thao & the Get Down Stay Down from personal consideration.

Fulfilling a request, I wrote about the long-awaited new My Bloody Valentine in this modest little space, but that hardly seems like “best of the year” material. That brings me to the thing I haven’t written on yet, with three recent high-profile releases immediately springing to mind. I feel like I’m forgetting a key release or two, so I’m open to suggestions as well.

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