One for Friday: Bonnie Dobson, “Good Morning Rain”

Usually, I reserve this weekly feature to pine nostalgically over some song that held special prominence during my college radio days or maybe to wax rhapsodic over a track I discovered in the wilds of the interweb, exposing me to an artist who’d evading my notice up until the digital windfall came my way. Today’s offering theoretically qualifies as the former, although I can’t say that stumbling upon this particular song from Canadian singer-songwriter Bonnie Dobson made me into an obsessively hunt for more of the sweet, sentimental folk music she plied back in the late-sixties and early-seventies, when this sort of thing could actually find a home on the radio dial. I don’t really have much information to offer about Dobson. My basic research indicates that she released six albums between 1961 and 1972, more or less retiring from music after that, undoubtedly somewhat flush from the multitude of cover versions of her song “Morning Dew” (although a shared songwriting credit that she disputed cut into the earnings).

Instead, the reason I’m plucking this song from my items and gently placing it right here is that it fortuitously shuffled up this morning as I was trying to figure out this week’s selection. Considering that most radio stations have entirely abdicated the task of playing songs that nicely suit the day in favor of monorailing through predetermined playlists, I’m always pleased and ruefully amused when the randomizing feature on my digitized music collection does a better job programming a day than (poorly) paid professionals. Since the town where I reside is in the middle of a remarkable long stretch of days of constant precipitation, the iTunes couldn’t have made a better choice today than “Good Morning Rain.” I’ll gladly pass along this sampling of its mad playlist skillz.

Listen or download –> Good Morning Rain

(Disclaimer: Some of Dobson’s releases remain actively in print, but the 1970 album Good Morning Rain seems to be entirely unavailable. As it’s not something that can purchased in such a way as to provide proper compensation to Dobson while simultaneously putting a few nickels in the pocket of the proprietor and employees of your favorite local, independently-owned record store, there seems to be no real harm in putting the song here for your free enjoyment. I’m not looking to start a fight, though, so I’ll gladly remove it if I’m contacted by some individual or entity making such a request, provided that individual or entity is duly authorized to make such such a request.)

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