Spectrum Check

This was a typical week at Spectrum Culture for me: one movie, one album. On the film side of things, I reviewed the Kid-Thing, which has inspired other critics to all sorts of quasi-surreal interpretations but which I found to be a middling drama with a virulently indie sensibility. As I alluded on Twitter, I was inordinately pleased that I worked in the term “dirtbag kitsch” in writing about the film.

I wrote about the debut album from Rose Windows for the music section. I’m not certain what inspired me to raise my hand for this one in the first place, although I’m always willing to take a chance on something from Sub Pop, so it may have been as simple as that. I was prepared to give the album an even stronger review than I settled on, but then I started listening closely to the lyrics. Fair or not, I’m only going to be able to offer so much praise to an album with lines like, “This ancient light reflects the glassy sky/ In return is seen the golden snake/ Out from its mouth pour dreams of silenced songs.” And that’s from my favorite track on the album.

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