Spectrum Check

It was a fairly standard week for me at Spectrum Culture: one film review and one album reviews.

On the movie side, I covered an entry in that most woeful of categories: the genially dark indie film comedy. I’m not sure why these sorts of films are so hard to pull off, but the art houses are littered with dismal examples of underdeveloped comedies every year. And, as is the case with the one I reviewed this week, a remarkable amount of the time, the films in question are blessed with incredible casts.

On the music side, I drew the this release from Sleigh Bells. I was initially excited to write about the latest from a band that still feels very of-the-moment (even if they’re clearly creeping up to the edge of that), but as I listened repeatedly, I had the dreaded sensation that accompanied simply not having much to say about the album. I think I eventually found my way to a solid review, but it definitely took some work getting there.

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