Spectrum Check

In only had one full-length review at Spectrum Culture this week, but it was a fairly big one. When music reviews for the week were handed out, I picked up the new album from Cults. While I think the writing sums the record up well enough, I struggled to figure out the numeric ranking. On a gut level, it felt a little lower than the 4.0 I wound up with, but aside from one blip of a song, I also couldn’t find anything particularly problematic with the album. We’ll see how it ages for me.

I also pitched in a few words for our seasonally-appropriate feature on the best horror films since the calendar’s odometer turned over from 19 to 20. I’m very fond of the film I wrote on, but I have to admit I would have liked to tackle The Mist, if only to stump for director Frank Darabont’s far superior black-and-white version.

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