One for Friday: The Postmarks, “Every Day is Halloween”

We have an uncarved pumpkin on our front porch. Initially, there was a little regret about that in our household. However, a different sentiment quickly overtook it, defined by a simple, direct statement: every day is Halloween. There’s not exactly an abundance of holiday cheer in our residence, most of the special days of the calendar coming and going with, at most, cheerfully unorthodox commemorations. There is one that is held more dear than the others, and that’s Halloween.

That reverence for October 31st means I’ve long gone out of my way to make sure I have a small surplus of Halloween-themed songs available. We don’t give over our playlists to holiday-appropriate music the way that some opt for a steady diet of Christmas carols at a certain point when autumn gives way to winter, but I like having them, just in case. Usually, I need to settle for music that traffics in spooky imagery, singing about vampires, werewolves or other monsters. Halloween itself is rarely mentioned explicitly. Like anyone else who’s ever put together a Halloween party mix, there are certain tracks I know I must have at the ready, led by Ministry’s “(Every Day is) Halloween,” a standard from the Chicago band that had a very different sound by the time I was playing their new music on the radio.

There is also a household affection for terrific cover songs, which means that finding a sterling new take on “(Every Day is) Halloween” is a little like stumbling on a house where a resident with no short-term memory is handing out full size candy bars to trick-or-treaters. Jackpot. The Postmarks are a band from Florida that put out some nice indie pop records a few years back. They released a version of the song, sans parentheses in the title, on their website, apparently part of a planned series of seasonally appropriate tracks that evidently yielded only one more effort (“Winter Wonderland”). It is lovely, bright and wonderful, exactly the thing needed to spruce up and collection of songs that go bump in the night. And it’s a fine reminder that the ghoulish joy of Halloween doesn’t have to end just because of the tyranny of the calendar.

Listen or download –> The Postmarks, “Every Day in Halloween”

(Disclaimer: As I noted, this song was always offered free by the band and, to the best of my knowledge, was never offered for sale. Therefore, presenting it here for free seems especially reasonable. I’ll even recommend buying one of the band’s proper releases from your favorite local, independently-owned record store. I’m especially fond of their self-titled effort, released in 2007. Even though I’m impeded commerce even less than usual, I’ll still remove the track from the portion of the internet over which I have some control. If I’m contacted by someone with due authority to demand its removal and they so demand it, the excision will de done promptly and happily.)

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