Spectrum Check

When trying to find films and records to write on each and every week, there are time when the material is going to be extremely unmemorable, neither good enough to stir genuine excitement nor bad enough to engender the flush of resentment for the time given away to it. That’s basically where I landed this week with Spectrum Culture. For instance, the film I reviewed had some promising elements, especially when it came to the performances. It was nice to see skilled performers who don’t usually land particularly worthwhile roles getting the chance to dig into some meaty material and do it well. Overall, the film was still a little drab and underdrawn. On the other hand, I’m inordinately proud that I never once had to look up the correct spelling on Peter Bogdanovich’s name while writing the piece.

Then there was the music review I wrote. It’s a good album, but I had to work to articulate the plusses and minuses of it. Also, I will sheepishly admit that I realized midway through the process that I wasn’t nearly as familiar with the band’s extensive band catalog as would have been ideal. I did a bit of cramming, but when it’s an act with around forty releases to their name, there’s only so much that can be done. I’m sure a fan with a far more exhaustive knowledge lapped me in the area of career context analysis somewhere out there in the wilds of the music blogosphere.

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