One for Friday: The A-Sides, “Cinematic”

“Cinematic” by the A-Sides is the first song listed in my iTunes. When I start it up at the beginning or the day or slip over to the “Music” list on my iPod, that’s the first song I see. It is the only song I have from the band, a group of indie rockers from Philadelphia. It’s off of Silver Storms, their sophomore effort and sole release for Vagrant. One year later, they announced the dissolution of the band (on their MySpace page, to put the moment in music business history in proper perspective).

I like the song, but I’m not even entirely sure how I got it. The album was released in the fall of 2007, so just a few months after I’d departed Florida and the great college radio station that was invaluable to me in the task of keeping up with new music. As opposed to the previous time I’d walked away from radio, I was determined to keep up with new music. Away from a place where new CDs flooded in on a regular basis, I found it was too easy to let my interest atrophy and get utterly detached. Maybe if that hadn’t happened, I would have seen the White Stripes open up for Sleater-Kinney at my favorite little dump of a club in Madison way back when. Instead, I completely passed that date over until I found the ad for it years later and almost broke down weeping in my garage.

To that end, I was following a lot of music blogs back then, grabbing up any MP3s that were being shared with some amount of enthusiasm by the author. A decent amount of the time, it inspired me to go out and buy the actual albums (seriously, MPAA, it was all free promotion as much as it was piracy…you dopes). But there are also several tracks that I listened to, liked enough to keep, and let them fall into the eddy of my ongoing shuffle, allowing for the potential that they may strike me when they appear in the future, something that has happened many, many times. “Cinematic,” though, is too present to ever surprise me. It’s the record resting on the turntable whenever I go to play music, always returning to that spot, as if by magic. Weirdly, it’s become a favorite simply by always being there.

The A-Sides, “Cinematic”

(Disclaimer: It looks to me like Silver Storms is entirely out of print, at least as an object that can be procured from your favorite local, independently-owned record store in a manner that will duly compensate both the proprietor of said store and the artist. It may be available for online purchase, and Vagrant may very well treat their artists better than other major labels do when it comes to online sales, so think about making a purchase of the full release if the song sounds good to you. Here’s the crux of it: I’m sharing this song with the expectation and understanding that it causes no undue fiscal harm to anyone. While I believe that to be the case, I will also gladly remove the song if asked to do so by any individual or entity with due authority to make such a request.)

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