College Countdown: 90FM’s Top 90 of 1995, 87 – 85

87 north87. The Freddy Jones Band, North Avenue Wake Up Call

At the time North Avenue Wake Up Call was released, the Freddy Jones Band included the following members: Jim and Rob Bonaccorsi, Wayne Healy, Simon Horrocks, and Marty Lloyd. According to Wikipedia, others who can claim one-time membership in the group are Jeff Duffy, Mark Murphy, and Scott Larned. Not a single “Freddy” or “Jones” among them. Evidently, the band has never revealed the derivation of the moniker that gives them their name. This is exactly the sort of generic roots rock that expect to flourish at my broadcasting alma mater (the station personnel were early and eager adopters of Hootie & the Blowfish). It’s not bad. It’s simply so straightforward that its easy to imagine dozens of Midwestern bands with plenty of bar gigs under their guitar straps delivering the same material. I can’t confirm, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the Chicago band earned some of their 90FM spins by playing a show on one of the local stages in Stevens Point.

86 live

86. The Invaders, Live!

When I started down the avenue of this particular chart, I planned to offer one lengthier review every week, shuffling the number of albums featured per post in part to accommodate what I want to write about (next week will feature only two albums, for instance). As I look more closely at the chart, there are clearly going to be weeks when I’m going to abstain from forcing myself to give a fresh listen to a full-length release. In this instance, I luckily have a contemporaneous review to share, courtesy of one-time Coffee for Two contributor Wayne Semmerling.


In another spot of luck, he’s currently vacationing and therefore can’t protest about my inclusion of words he penned twenty years ago. For those who correctly discern that there were other capsule reviews included in the column, I’ll be completist enough in sharing information to note the other two bands featured were Barnaby Creek and Feet of Clay. The commitment to local and regional music those days was pronounced.

85 life85. The Bogmen, Life Begins at 40 Million

Now that’s a hideous album cover. It’s obviously designed to be visually challenging, but still! The Bogmen were a band from Long Island, New York with a little bit of that jokey, whiney Cake vibe to their music. There was definitely plenty of room on all alternative rock leaning radio for a band like that back in 1995. It surely helped that the Bogmen were beneficiaries of a push from major label Arista Records, flush with Whitney Houston money to spend. I’d like to think that the 90FM deejays were a little more inclined to spin this because it was produced by Jerry Harrison, the Milwaukee resident who could claim time in both the Modern Lovers and Talking Heads. There are worse reasons to play an album. Given the material I’ve heard from Life Begins at 40 Million, that dedication to a fellow Wisconsinite is about the only acceptable motivation to for putting this release into the station CD player.

An Introduction
— 90-88: The Falling Wallendas, Parasite, and A.M.

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