One for Friday: Lily Allen, “Don’t Get Me Wrong”


I believe I’ve used this exact phrasing previously in a One for Friday post, but it’s useful enough to be worth repeating: some days you just need a damn good cover. Even as I acknowledge covers can be cheesy and overly opportunistic, devoid of any evident meaningful connection between the appropriation artist and the original song, I have a level of helplessness when confronted with one. This is especially true when it’s a song for which I have an outsized fondness (like, say, the Pretenders single “Don’t Get Me Wrong”) performed by an artist at at time when they are clicking so solidly that even the most tossed off effort sparkles with charm and invention (this basically characterizes Lily Allen, circa 2007). It’s minor magic, but magic nonetheless. Anything I’d add would be stretching for no other reason than to add enough words to get this to length of most posts delivered at the end of the work week, so instead let’s proceed right to this point:

Listen or download –> Lily Allen, “Don’t Get Me Wrong”

(Disclaimer: I believe the BBC-backed compilation that holds this song is now out of print as a physical object or at least pretty damn hard to come by from your favorite local, independently-owned record store. That typed, my already fragile inability to determine which releases are and aren’t readily available has grow faultier still. I may be rescinding that part of my policy in the very near future, relying on cries of “fair use” unsupported by current law and a genuine conviction that I mean no financial harm to any of the entities involved in these posts. Indeed, go out and buy a Lily Allen record — Alright, Still is first-rate — or, hey, maybe a Pretenders release. There are plenty of good options when it comes to the latter. Regardless of my rationalized belief that I am engaged in a reasonable practice here, I will gladly remove the track in question if asked to do so by any individual or entity with due authority to make such a request. Now the disclaimer is longer than the actual post. I find it amusing when that happens. And a little sad. And a touch embarrassing. But mostly amusing.)

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