Trivia Answer of the Day: 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong

This weekend, I’ll participate in The World’s Largest Trivia ContestTM. I’m a little preoccupied with preparations for that, including some significant travel. To provide some sense of the madness of minutiae that dominates my mind this week, I’ll return to a bit of a tradition around these parts and share a few personally memorable answers from the twenty-five years or so that I’ve been involved with this contest, in one way or another. In this instance, I’ve reminded myself of the answers by flipping through our team’s old answer sheets.

trivia cast away

Much as I’ve emphasized the value and importance of writing down information this week, there truly is nothing quite like the anxious thrill of snapping of a high-point answer from the ol’ memory bank. I’m intensely reluctant to take notes on movies I’m seeing in the theater. Besides, I’m terrible at it, coming home with scraps of random, practically indiscernible words that I can’t contextualize at all. So when I saw the 2000 Robert Zemeckis film Cast Away, I didn’t write a single thing down. Most of it was Tom Hanks’s character, Chuck Noland, alone on an island anyway. What could be asked? Well, there was the matter of the gift Chuck gives to his girlfriend before getting on that ill-fated plane. In my mind, I could see an image of all those Elvi in gold lamé suits, so I suggested the album with the corresponding cover. The answer was correct, to the lovely tune of triple-digit points. When I tell people I’m heading off to participating in a trivia contest, they assume that’s what it’s like all the time, a pub quiz writ large (and my time as least does do the “pub” part of that experience on a heightened scale). While that’s not really the case overall, on rare occasions it still is. When that answer dredged up from memory nets us major points, it’s a ridiculously thrilling moment.


More info about 90FM’s Trivia can be found at its official website or at the radio station’s online home. There’s also a feature documentary about the contest, but it’s fairly hard to come by these days. To see how my team is faring over the weekend, Twitter is probably the best bet.

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