One for Friday: Daryl and the Chaperones, “My Baby’s a Spy”


As happens periodically in this weekly space, I’m drawing the song to share from the bevy of splendid musical wonders I plucked from an old blog called Little Hits. As with other material parked on the World Wide Web, all of the writing on the blog remains, though it’s approaching ten years since it’s been updated. All the song links seem to be defunct, so consider this entry another modest attempt at preserving some of the extraordinary music shared on the blog that first inspired me to dig into my own collection to help fill Fridays. (With rare exceptions, I don’t delude myself into thinking I’m sharing material that is as rare or adventurous as that which was routine on Little Hits).

Pulled basically at random from the tracks I borrowed from Little Hits, “My Baby’s a Spy” is a single from the U.K. band Daryl and the Chaperones. Evidently adopting the slogan “You’re never alone with a chaperone,” the band seems to have released exactly one 7-inch in their career, and by the time they’d released that, by some reports anyway, Daryl Ainsworth, who gave the band a portion of their name, was no longer in the group. From one listen, it’s pretty easy to carbon date the track to 1982, when new wave was at the very beginning of its long, lovely shift into indie pop. It’s easy to hear how this widely overlooked song could have become a cherished part of the personal collections of those lucky few that discovered it.

As usual, I’ll defer to the original write-up on Little Hits, brief as it may be in this instance.

Listen or download –> Daryl and the Chaperones, “My Baby’s a Spy”

(Disclaimer: I guess it’s possible this is one a compilations somewhere — and that’s likely a compilation I need to get my hands on — but I’m operating on the assumption, which I deploy for all the Little Hits entries, that this is unavailable for purchase in a manner that compensates both the original artist and the proprietor of your favorite local, independently-owned record store. I am sharing it here with the belief that doing so causes no undue fiscal harm. That noted, I will gladly remove the track from the interweb if asked to so by any individual or entity with due authority to make such a request.)

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