One for Friday: Dogs Die in Hot Cars, “Paul Newman’s Eyes”


(Disclaimer: Dogs Die in Hot Cars is a terrible, terrible name for a band, and sharing this song is by no means an endorsement for the group’s supposed cleverness in selecting that moniker. Usually it’s fairly easy to avoid holding a suspect band name against a batch of musicians, especially since so many over the years have acknowledged the difficulty of coming up with a smart, original, pithy was to be billed on posters. And the number of band names that actually sound fairly ridiculous but become plain and comfortable over the years is legion. I mean, the Beatles is a pretty dumb band name if you think about it, especially with the whole misspelling to get the word “beat” in there. But Dogs Die in Hot Cars is one of those band names so awful that it will never stop being awful. When their debut album, Please Describe Yourself, was released, in 2004, it took me a long time to even sample it. When I did, I discovered a batch of pleasurably bounding, tough-minded pop songs that recalled early XTC. That’s damn good music to emulate.)

(Disclaimer: I haven’t chosen a particularly representative song from the band, or even one that demonstrates the validity of the above XTC comparison all that well, even if Craig Macintosh’s lead vocals definitely borrow some of Andy Partridge’s effusively bold cadences. Instead, the pop culture maven and film fan parts of me took over and I opted for the track that includes a movie star’s name in the title. It’s still a fine song, but I need to concede that my selection methodology is suspect, at least for a weekly feature that’s supposed to be purely a showcase for favored music instead of a victim of splashback from all my other preoccupations.)

(Disclaimer: I’m not entirely sure the cropped picture above properly conveys the striking color of Paul Newman’s eyes. I feel like I could have dug a little deeper, but I’ll admit that I picked the first reasonable image that could be edited to roughly the size I wanted for the post.)

(Disclaimer: Given the additional disclaimers in this week’s post, the actual proper text will probably be truncated. Though it seems I have nothing but time these days, I only have so much energy for writing these One for Friday posts. I can feel I’m getting to the end of that vim and vigor supply.)

“Paul Newman’s Eyes” is a song by Dogs Die in Hot Cars. I like it.

Listen or download –> Dogs Die in Hot Cars, “Paul Newman’s Eyes”

(Disclaimer: It appears to me that Please Describe Yourself is no longer in print as a physical object that can procured from your favorite local, independently-owned record store in a manner that compensates the proprietor of said store as well as the original artist. Therefore, I am sharing it in this space with the belief that doing so does not unreasonably impede and fair commerce. That noted, I will gladly remove the track from my little corner of the digital world if asked to do so by any individual or entity with due authority to make such a request.)

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