Programming Note — TV Week


True story: When I was a wee child, springing from bed far too early once per week because I was excited to watch Saturday morning cartoons, I soothed the anxiousness that arose when I switched on the set to be greeted with pre-broadcast-day static by convincing myself I was watching an especially basic animated program comprised of Snoopy and Woodstock in a physical brawl.


Two of my favorite current television creators are Michael Schur and Vince Gilligan. They create distinctively different programs, but they have one peculiar, mildly masochistic trait in common: They love boxing themselves into scenarios for which they don’t have a plan for handy extrication. They set up cliffhanger plot turns, particularly in season finales, without an exit plan.

The tricky brinksmanship doesn’t always work in their favor (Gilligan still laments the machine gun in the trunk in the fifth season of Breaking Bad), but I am sympathetic to the writerly need to establish a deadline or other stakes that can’t be easily escaped. With that in mind — and, admittedly, with a certain mental weariness that prevents the creation of anything more intricate or robust this evening — I am declaring this television week at Coffee for Two, in recognition of the annual presentation of the Emmys taking place one week hence from the point in time that finds me typing these words.

That means — and here’s the potential self-sabotage — that not only do I need to come up with a new installment of the regular television-related feature in this humble digital space, but I also must figure out two more offerings before the arrival of “One for Friday” provides me rescue. I think I maybe-kinda-sorta know how I will conquer this self-bestowed puzzle, but I also have a little bit of a shruggy emoticon feeling right now. Maybe this will be fun. Maybe disaster looms.

Either way, stay tuned.

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