Great Moments in Literature

“On that snowy day when he asked to borrow all that money to take care of his sick sister in Georgia, Lily’s disgust fought with relief and lost. She picked up the dog tags he’d left on the bathroom sink and hid them away in a drawer next to her bankbook. Now the apartment was all hers to clean properly, put things where they belonged, and wake up knowing they had not been moved or smashed to pieces. The loneliness she felt before Frank walked her home from Wang’s cleaners began to dissolve and in its place a shiver of freedom, on earned solitude, of choosing the wall she wanted to break through, minus the burden of shouldering a tilted man.”

—Toni Morrison, Home, 2012


“Plants are like people. Writers are like plants. Therefore, and this may come as a surprise, writers are like people. Give them light, water, nourishment, a comfortable pot, and an encouraging word and they’ll grow. Really. They’ll blossom. They’ll create things of beauty.”

— Steve Gerber, HOWARD THE DUCK, Vol. 1, No. 16, “Zen and the Art of Comic Book Writing: A Communique from Colorado,” 1977

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