Laughing Matters — Inside Amy Schumer, “The Foodroom”

Sometimes comedy illuminates hard truths with a pointed urgency that other means can’t quite achieve. Sometimes comedy is just funny. This series of posts is mostly about the former instances, but the latter is valuable, too.

It is obviously going to take a some time before discerning pop culture consumers can shake the pain caused by this year’s victor for the Academy Awards’ top prize. That’s understandable, especially since it breaks a string of better-than-expected outcomes in the same category. As part of the healing, it’s important to focus on the positive. For example, at least the return of another mediocrity lauded with inexplicable industry praise was averted when Aaron Sorkin mercifully ended the brief speculation about the revival of his HBO series, The Newsroom.

In a just universe, any even marginally admiring discussion about The Newsroom would have been struck from the universe the moment Amy Schumer and her cohorts at the Comedy Central program that bore her name released this viciously precise parody.

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