Trivia Answer of the Day — Garnet Amplifiers

This coming weekend, I’ll participate in The World’s Largest Trivia ContestTM. As per tradition, this week is filled with idle reminiscing about memorable answers in past years. This time around, I’m going to focus on one of the recurring question topics that’s become a passion for certain members of my team: album art.


As noted previously, WWSP-90FM’s Trivia employs an inspired methodology to determine the point value of individual questions. Those calling in the correct answer split the kitty of points equally, so the fewer teams that alight on the proper response, the higher the points. There is reward for rarity, in essence. The biggest answer a team can net is five hundred points. Across nearly thirty years of playing, my crew of rapidly researching ruffians had never claimed the glory and difference-making outlay of point that came from being the only team, out of hundreds, to answer correctly.

That changed during the 2018 edition of the contest.

As with most album art questions in the current era, a flurry of telling yet cryptic details about a record were offered. It was the debut release from a rock band with a stylized version of their logo on the front cover. The back included a photo of the band, each member reaching out their hand toward the camera lens. And the inner gatefold featured several more photos, including some clearly taken in a junkyard. In those pictures, one of the band members is wearing a shirt with two word on it. Teams were charged with providing the two words on the shirt.

The album, we determined with reasonable speed, was the 1973 debut from Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Although we found images of the gatefold cover online, the resolution was a challenge. If we had the album right there in front of us, it would have been easy. We didn’t and so it wasn’t. We went on a wild hunt of cross-referencing, eventually determining with reasonable certainty that the answer sought was “Garnet Amplifiers.” With seconds left, we got through the station and submitted the answer. Not long after, we received the great, entirely unexpected news: five hundred points.

I have to admit, as silly as I can admit this whole Trivia endeavor might be, the sense of accomplishment was real and potent. It would be nice to get another one of those, preferably without another thirty years or so of build up.

More info about 90FM’s Trivia can be found at its official website or at the radio station’s online home. There’s also a feature documentary about the contest, but it’s fairly hard to come by these days. To see how my team is faring over the weekend, Twitter is probably the best bet.

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