As this digital space has spent recent days illuminating, my weekend just closed was turned over almost entirely to the World’s Largest Trivia Contest, an annual fundraiser staged by the student-run radio station at University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. Hundreds of teams participate, the most serious holding the goal of reaching the top ten, placement that results in a trip to the radio station to collect a trophy. For the third time in our thirty years of history, my team fought to that very accomplishment, finishing Trivia in ninth place:


Trivia runs for fifty-four hours straight, and, like several of my teammates, I was awake for significant number of the contest. With that in mind — in combination with the annual difficulty of transitioning back into the the mundane day-to-day after the dizzying wonderland created by my team of happy hooligans — I am going to gift myself with one of my periodic vacations from daily posts in this space. Coffee for Two will pull the shades down and do dark for the next few days.

We’ll be back to full operation starting on Sunday, with the next College Countdown post.


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