This Week’s Model — Hazel English, “Shaking”

hazel english

Way back when, I showed up at my college radio station convinced that I needed nothing more to achieve music fan bliss than a bunch of brutish, sloppy dudes banging out raggedy rock songs using the foundational combo of guitars, drums, and bass. I wasn’t necessarily committed to a philosophy that aggressively favored loud, louder, loudest, in reverse order of preference, but I wasn’t far from that either. When I started digging deeper into the new music shelf, though, I quickly found that there was a different combination of elements before which I was even more helpless. Give me perfect, dreamy pop music with a casually charismatic female lead singer, and my soul was sure to be set atremble. And I can still reel from those old lovestruck feelings when the right track hits my ears at the right time in the right way.

Hazel English is an Australian transplant plying her trade in Los Angeles. Two years after a warmly received debut release, English is sprinkling out lovely new sounds like teensy diamonds. “Shaking” is English’s new single, apparently tied to a still mysterious forthcoming release. Airy and lithe, the song is a tender charmer. It has the sort of hook that sneaks up and then locks into place, as deeply embedded as a nervous system. Maybe I should be more sheepish about finding the song irresistible. But I simply believe some music deserves a swoon.

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