This Week’s Model — Kacey Musgraves, “Glittery”

kacey xmas

It was probably inevitable that a holiday-themed song would crop up in this weekly space at some point during this stretch of the year. Although my general aversion to melodized yuletide cheer made me suspect that I’d cave in to the season with a carol that had at least a hint of mockery to it, I should have known the current songwriter with greatest capacity to disarm me with sweet sincerity would come through, especially since she’s already got one Christmas album under her stylish belt and the promise of a streaming service holiday special on the near horizon.

My inner Scrooge wants to revolt against “Glittery,” the song Kacey Musgraves debuted on The Tonight Show earlier this week. It’s a pretty thin entry in her songbook. And yet it also tickles as a fine primer of everything Musgraves does exceedingly well: finding satisfied comfort in the mundane, giving well-worn tropes just the gentlest inversion to make them fresh again, and, maybe most prominently, simply throwing affection in the direction of a happy diversion that shines just right. Try as I might, I can’t muster up my usual humbug.

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