Outside Reading — Terra Australis edition

From a vital and heartbreaking photo essay by The New York Times

We are seeing the very worst of our scientific predictions come to pass in these bushfires by Joëlle Gergis

While the U.S. news media is distracted by the geopolitical instability fomented by the moronic lifelong criminal who’s perplexingly still allowed to make literal life-and-death decisions despite his flagrant and continuous demonstrations of his unfitness for the office he stumbled into, an entire continent is burning down. The level of catastrophe is exactly what scientists have been forecasting, and exactly what right-leaning politicians, bending to the greedy needs of their wealthy benefactors, have been dismissing. For years — decades, even — we’ve known these problems were coming, and we’ve done practically nothing in response, at least on the larger policy scale that could truly make a difference. Writing for The Guardian, climate scientist Joëlle Gergis expresses valorously contained outrage.

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Martin Scorsese Is Letting Go by Dave Itzkoff

Of course, the main quote that made the rounds after publication of this Martin Scorsese profile involved his views on a movie centered on a comic book character. That Scorsese’s bored dismissal of Joker is extremely funny doesn’t completely alleviate the frustration that the great living film director is being reduced to a cranky pop culture editorialist, especially since the focus should be on his recent, late-career triumph. To Dave Itzkoff’s credit, the requisite superhero chatter is relegated to the end of an article that deeply, seriously concentrated on the filmmaker’s work and his place in the canon of cinema. (And Joker, in its overt borrowing from Scorsese’s work, in a far more relevant topic than whether or not he was blown away by Avengers: Endgame.) It’s not Itzkoff’s fault that everyone chooses to tweet Scorsese’s quote about the clown prince of crime. This article was published by The New York Times.

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