This Week’s Model — U.S. Girls, “Overtime”

u.s girls

“Overtime,” the new song from U.S. Girls, isn’t all that new. A version of the song cropped up earlier, on the 2013 EP Free Advice Column. Meg Remy, the creative force behind U.S. Girls, decided to revisit “Overtime” for the forthcoming album Heavy Light, giving it a perfectly formed studio sheen and a full-to-bursting pop soul that contrasts nicely with the stark lyrics of romantic betrayal. It’s heartbreak, and you can dance to it.

“Overtime” is one of three older songs U.S. Girls revisits, reconceptualizes, and re-records for the new album. Tracing the evolution of an artist is one of the record room pastimes of any music fan, and Remy’s approach makes it easier to engage in the task. What better way to think about where a performer has been and where they’re now at than hearing their take on an older song; not just on the concert stage, where reinvention is a given, but back in the studio, where several years of learned lessons come to bear, giving a song an entirely different sound and outlook. And maybe sparking ideas for new songs in the process. On “Overtime,” U.S. Girls illuminates the evolution.

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