This Week’s Model — Waxahatchee, “Lilacs”


I could type out a million words about the new Waxahatchee single, offering babbling descriptions of every favorite moment: the easy, melodic stroll of the intro, her delivery of the lyric “marking the slow, slow, slow passing of time,” the burst of shiny pop beauty when the chorus kicks in the first time, the piercing delicacy of “I need you to love, too,” and that only gets me to the halfway point of the track. No matter how much of the dictionary I dump onto the digital page, I’m not going to be able to capture the tingle of immediate adoration that came over me when I first heard it, nor the strengthening certainty with each subsequent listen that Katie Crutchfield is currently making her best music yet. Given what she’s delivered previously, that’s really saying something.

The new Waxahatchee album, Saint Cloud, is scheduled for release on March 27, 2020. It’s time for me to get in touch with my favorite record store proprietor.


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