This Week’s Model — Christian Lee Hutson, “Get the Old Band Back Together”

christian lee hutson

Now this is the sort midlife pining for past glories that speaks to a sad sack such as myself. Christian Lee Hutson has been kicking around as a singer-songwriter for a few years now, but his star took a turn towards ascendancy when he starting collaborating with Phoebe Bridgers, that uncanny alchemist of indie rock magic dust. Bridgers is the producer of Hutson’s forthcoming album, Beginners, and her panache with ruefully downbeat beauty is all over this track. But it’s truly Hutson’s clever that makes the song special, dispensing unfussy, perfectly realized details (“After the baby, everything changed/ I only have a couple of nights these days”) and maintaining a gentle comic tone. No wonder he’s bummed out no one wants to play it fuckin’ loud.


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