Outside Reading — After the Boys of Summer Have Gone edition


MLB Is Crumbling. Blame the Owners by Stephanie Apstein

I’ve a fan of baseball since I was a kid, when WGN’s afternoon airings of Chicago Cubs games hooked me. But I’ve also been highly aware for many years that the owners who preside over the various teams making up Major League Baseball are greedy and outright villainous, always willing to sabotage the storied pastime in the interest of sabotaging the players who take the field. Writing for Sports Illustrated, Stephanie Apstein expertly details the simple ways in which MLB owners — and the commissioner who is completely beholden to them — are fomenting an unnecessary existential threat to the entire league in this time of COVID. Sadly, I’m beginning to hope the succeed. Tear it all down and let smaller, semi-pro leagues take its place. Maybe the love of the game and a commitment to community will come to the forefront instead of constant, exhausting greed.



Five Women Veterans Who Deserve to Have Army Bases Named After Them by Erin Blakemore

It is absolutely inexplicable that anyone could make a straight-faced objection to the proposition of no longer having U.S. military installations named after bygone figures who fought against the U.S. Largely bypassing the debate that shouldn’t be a debate, Erin Blakemore opts instead to make suggestions of five women who are more far more deserving of the honor of a installation bearing their name. This article was published by Smithsonian.


hamilton kids

My 11-Year-Old Came Up With a Better Government by Jake Halpern

In The New York Times, Jake Halpern shares the results of an assignment he gave his tween son as part of his impromptu home schooling curriculum. As Halpern, he fully expect the suggestion of conjuring up a society from scratch on an imagined distant planet would result in fanciful science fiction adventures, like an amateur Star Wars galaxy. Instead, Halpern’s son was notably thoughtful, coming up with a social structure and corresponding legal system committed to consistency and fairness. We could do far worse, as the headlines prove on a daily basis.

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