Outside Reading — Darkening Screens edition


A Big-Screen Small Business Fights an Epic Battle for Life by Nicole Sperling

It pains and angers me that the abject refusal of certain leaders to deal realistically with the global pandemic is leading to the likely destruction of the sort of small, family-owned businesses that those same leaders never tire of touting as the lifeblood of the nation. It didn’t need to be this way. Writing for The New York Times, Nicole Sperling details the struggles of a small movie theater in South Carolina that is barely hanging on as a lack of attention-getting product and genuine and informed worries among the genuine public are making financial survival seem almost impossible. As someone who loves going out to the movies — and largely despises the corrupted experience perpetrated by the national chains — I find news stories like this to be absolutely heartbreaking.


Foxconn was built to flop by Tamarine Cornelius

In the state where I live, there is no plainer example of politicians’ abdication of proper support for the small business owners they profess to love than the Foxconn boondoggle. Celebrated as a grand achievement when the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer announced an intention to build a major plant in the southeast corner of the state, lured by dump trucks full of taxpayer money the Republican-controlled state government were prepared to send their way, the whole endeavor was clearly a grift from the very beginning. Writing for Tone Madison, Tamarine Cousins recaps the foolishness, correctly condemning the government officials who diverted resources away education, small business, and broader infrastructure projects. You know, the sorts of things that would actually benefit Wisconsinites.


Watching AOC in Congress Is Like Watching Jordan at North Carolina by Charles P. Pierce

In which Charles P. Pierce draws a comparison between the greatest basketball player of all time and the U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district. And it’s hard to argue with him. This was published by Esquire.

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